Residential Service Request

Our factory-trained technicians offer prompt, courteous service and complete repairs for both garage doors and electric openers.

Please note: at this time, due to a shortage of technicians and difficulties in obtaining parts from our suppliers, we are currently booking service calls out several weeks.

We ask that you remain patient with our staff as we navigate these ongoing difficulties and please be aware that we do not service customers that are disrespectful to our staff.

NOTE IF YOU HAVE A BROKEN SPRING: We need to know what type of spring you have before we can come out to replace it. See our guide below to identify your springs. If you have any type of spring that is not torsion: we will quote you for converting to torsion spring(s) for your safety, convenience, and cost-savings.

Troubleshooting Common Garage Door Problems

Not sure what the problem is? We have some helpful tips to try and identify or troubleshoot common problems.

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Identifying Your Garage Door Springs

The most important things for identifying your springs are where they are located and how many you have. Click on any of the images below to view full-size.

From inside your garage, look toward the door and note (or take a picture – that is the best thing to help us out!) whether your spring(s) are:

Above the door in the center (single or paired)
These are Torsion Springs, which are the fastest and most cost-effective for us to change

At the back of the horizontal tracks (single or paired)
These are also Torsion Springs, just set up a little differently


Above the door all the way to the right or left (single, may be paired for 2-car door)
Easy Wind or Easy Set Springs

Outside horizontal tracks on both left and right (always a pair)
Extension Springs (note: these are older and common, but considered unsafe)

A silver tube over the door with no visible spring
Torque Tubes

Silver tube over door to far left or right labeled Overhead Door (single or paired)
Overhead Door Company’s old Armor Tight Springs

Sample Door Tag Images

Please include a photo of your door tag or label so we can serve you better. Here is a sample door tag, showing all the information we need to be able to see. Note: as this is a longer tag, multiple photos were needed.

What Size is Your Door?

Most residential doors come in just a handful of sizes. They’ll normally be either 9′ or 16′ wide and 7′ or 8′ tall. To help ballpark the size for us, you can let us know if it’s a single or double car width and how tall it seems. Are you between 5-6′ tall? You will most likely be able to reach a 7′ door that is open, but not an 8′ door.

Check out our measuring guide for more information.

Note: We will send you a confirmation email upon successful submission of this form. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please try again – if you don’t receive that email, it means we didn’t either!

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