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Building a new home or garage? Replacing your existing garage door? Garage Door Services has the right products and experience to outfit your garage with the perfect door for your lifestyle and budget.

Steel Garage Doors

Steel garage doors are gaining in popularity due to the following advantages:

  • Steel garage doors are less expensive than comparable wooden doors.

  • Virtually maintenance-free. They don't require repainting, resist rust, don't warp, and are much more weather-resistant than wood.

  • Last longer and are warranted for longer periods.

  • Finger protection system (excellent with small children around the home).

  • Provide better security. Steel garage doors are nearly impossible to pry open.

  • Can provide much better insulation than wooden doors. An insulated steel door will not only keep the garage (and entryway into your home) warmer in winter and cooler in summer, but it also reduces outside noise.


The primary downsides of steel doors are:

  • If you desire a natural wood "look," they cannot compete with a true natural wood door—though there are a number of quality simulated wood textures available in steel.

  • If you have special size requirements or constraints, steel products are not as versatile as wood. And though steel doors do come in a wide variety of widths and heights to suit almost every "standard" opening, they are mostly limited to 7' or 8' heights, which may not work in some custom-built homes. We can supply 9' tall residential doors with some models.

Wood Carriage Doors

There are pros and cons to whichever material you choose for your garage door. Wooden garage doors are very popular for a number of reasons, most notably for appearance and versatility. Most people who select wooden garage doors do so because they want or need that natural "wood look" to complement the exterior of their home or their surroundings, or because they have special size requirements or constraints for their door that are more easily satisfied by the versatility of custom-built wooden doors.


The advantages of wooden garage doors include:

  • Doors can be custom built to virtually any design specification (which is not possible with steel).

  • Wooden doors can be built to appear as if they swing, fold or slide open.

  • The look and feel of natural wood doors bring a special warmth and beauty to your home, especially when a stain rather than paint is applied to enhance the wood grain and texture.

  • A number of wood species are available such as red and white cedar which lend themselves very well with northern Michigan weather.

  • You can create a true cottage, rustic or traditional look to the entry of your home.


Some of the downsides of wooden garage doors are:

  • They're more expensive than comparable steel doors.

  • They require periodic maintenance to repaint and maintain their weather resistant properties. (Repainting/re-staining is generally required about as often as you'd have to repaint the exterior of your home.)

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Metal Carriage Doors

Haas Door Company has recently introduced a more distinctive steel carriage door look with the launch of their new American Traditions Series. These doors feature the elegant look of classic carriage house wooden doors but are made from durable, easy-to-maintain steel construction. Inspired by the distinctive carriage house doors of the 18th and 19th century that swung open sideways, these 21st century offerings are sectional doors that easily roll up and out of the way. As other manufacturers still make the beautiful wooden construction variety, these new steel doors are much more affordable, making them available to a wider audience.


These doors have a wood grain finish, come with or without windows, and in a variety of styles from which to choose. To further enhance the doors, decorative hardware and trim come with a pebble-textured finish for the look of traditional hand-hammered metal. Additionally, the trim pieces come in an assortment of horizontal, vertical and diagonal panels so that you can choose the frame design of your doors that meets the design of your home. A wide array of design possibilities exist. All doors are constructed of steel that feature a two-coat, baked-on polyester paint finish that make them virtually maintenance-free. Traditional wood carriage house doors, while elegant looking, require much more maintenance, including periodic staining, painting, and weatherproofing.