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A key factor in the durability of a door is its hardware. Components that are not robust enough can become the source of high repair and maintenance costs.


The price differential between two choices can be minimal and far less than the cost of repeated maintenance calls. Make sure you're buying the components that will stand up to your requirements.


Always consider your commercial garage door as important as any other piece of equipment in your building. Industrial and commercial garage doors open and close several times a day on a constant operation basis. Choosing any low-quality garage door may increase costs and worries for your business.

Sectional Steel Doors

Rolling Service & Counter Shutters

The quality of our rolling service doors exceeds industry standards. Each service door includes high-duty life cycle springs, structural angle guides, bottom bar, cast gears, stops and fabricated steel plate brackets. Professional installation by our trained technicians ensures efficient, trouble-free use with minimal maintenance. These doors may also be fitted with electric operators.

International Door Association home builder traverse

The quality of all our hardware is exceptional. Still, a choice must be made depending on the degree of sturdiness required and the number of daily open/close cycles. Our industrial doors are designed to stand up to the tests of time... and people.

Project-3307-March-30,-2007 Project-4286-April-28,-2006

Project 3307: Frankfort, MI


RAYNOR, Thermoseal 14X14 Full-view windows. Frankfort Fire Station.

Project 4286: Fife Lake, MI


RAYNOR; Showcase, Flush sections. Kynar paint

Project-3167-Raynor-Thermos Morton-Raynor-TC300-WS2-Aug

Project 3157: Traverse City, MI


RAYNOR; Thermoseal 14 X 14 Oval windows

Project 9107: Charlevoix, MI


Raynor Tricore 16X16 Commercial Doors and Operators. These are 3" thick, heavy duty cyle doors built to last a lifetime.

Fire Rated Rolling Service & Counter Shutters

Dependable. The key is quality hardware which assures years of frequent testing without costly repairs and service.


Value. Fire doors are the most effective way of protecting property while increasing safety for building occupants.

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Save time money on service and repairs with our maintenance program. Keep your doors in working order and take the strain off of your wallet.

Our technicians are here to work for you. With decades of on-the-job experience, you can rest assured that your installation and any repairs you may need will be taken care of to your satisfaction. Products from Raynor, Haas Door, Richards-Wilcox, Carriage House Door, Trac-Rite, Chalfant, and Rytec.

Rytec Trac-Rite